Finding the Light

Rebuilding yourself
Over and over
Searching, seeking, redefining
Turning over rocks and leaves
And finding all the places
where the light doesn’t shine

Every now and then
Seeing the light peak through
Trying to hold onto it
But you can’t hold on to light

You can see it
You can feel its warmth
But holding it turns it into dust particles floating in the air

So you dig deeper
You go under
You dig a cave
And bring the rocks and leaves you’ve overturned
With you into the cave

You wait there
You sit there
Under the debris you’ve brought along
Wondering where all the light went

Then this little light you have with you
Becomes two beams of light
You start to find your power
You see small shards of light
And return to the light you thought you had left behind

You follow it out
And you feel that light again
You touch it but you don’t hold on to it

You let it go
That letting go feels like darkness for a minute
But it isn’t
It’s actually the finding of the light

And then you realize
That the light is not shining from them
The light is connection
It’s love
It’s your love that is light
After finding all of those places light didn’t shine
You forgot to look inside