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Are you a Scrum Master/Agile Facilitator, Agile Coach or Team Facilitator who works with teams? Do you sometimes see dysfunction playing out and struggle to keep the team moving forward in a productive direction? Is the team dynamic one of your biggest hurdles? A Scrum Master who controls the meeting? A team member who decides on the retro outcome? Can you cut the tension in the team with a knife and struggle to not be annoyed or triggered by it? Blame on the team?

The art of facilitation can create a safe space by seeing, understanding and accepting the perspective of everyone on the team, even if that perspective is impeding your plans.

The truth is every perspective is valid. As a facilitator, being able to find the “Yes” in everyone’s perspective and create a safe space in the group, you can calm the conflict and move the team to an environment with effective and safe conflict. By practicing non-resistance and extreme curiosity, you can be the safe harbor that teams and individuals need to shift their team dynamic so that agile principles can take hold.

You can install process all-day, but without a strong team dynamic, teams will be in Zombie Scrum (or whatever process) mode. Going through the motions can be a good starting point, but getting to strong team dynamics is where the real impact lives.

Learning Outcomes:
*You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your power as a facilitator, and walk away with some new tools to use when facilitating.
*Bring your example(s) of a difficult team dynamic, the observable behaviors of those team members, and an open mind. We will explore your intention and learn how setting an intention can impact your facilitation approach.
*A few of you (as time allows) will select volunteers from the audience to play the part of a team you work with, and together, we will walk through creating a “Yes” for every one of the behaviors you observe.
*We will practice non-resistance and extreme curiosity as a tool to create safety between you and every single team member.
*We will learn about a simple continuous improvement structure that requires safety and invites blameless transparency.

This session is a very interactive and emergent session. It will be experiential in nature with audience participation as a primary feature.

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