Anxiety and Secure Attachment

Sometimes I feel like a spun top

A finger on top of my head
A string around my waist
And suddenly the string is pulled
And I’m spinning

Spinning on the table, frantically
Not sure where my feet will stop
And then I get to the edge of the table
And I’m falling

Can a spinning top also be a kite?
I’m not a spinning top
Because there’s nothing under my feet.
I’m not a kite
Because I have no kite string keeping me connected

I am standing on a sheet of ice
Sliding and slipping and falling

I am a spun top
Falling down a well
With no bottom

I am standing on a log on a river
And can’t get my footing

Everything is sand
Falling through my fingers

And then he’s here again

The sand stops

The log meets the side of the river bank
and stops

The top falls onto its side
and stops

The kite glides to the ground
and stops

The ice melts away to expose the ground
and my feet stop

I am grounded. Tethered. Connected.

Spent, but here.