About Nikky


Delivered/Designed Online Webinars/Trainings

Mastering the Ways of Effective Communication 

Creating a Feedback Culture

Retrospective Facilitation using a Variety of Remote Techniques and Virtual Tools

Uncovering Team Dysfunctions Using Team Quest Game

Delivered Live Talks/Workshops

Simple Product Ownership (1 hour)

Simple Product Ownership (2 day)

Determination vs. Power Struggles

Liberating Structures using 1-2-4-All

Using ServiceNow as an Agile Tool

The Remembrance Course - A Journey to Magnificence

Using Turing Tumble to Understand Requirements, Constraints, and Dev Pitfalls

Improv Sessions

Finding the YES in Team Dynamics - Creating Safety for All

Kanban Game Training

Scrum Basics

Agile Overview

Learning and Protection/Open and Closed Communication

Using I AM statements to find your Limiting Beliefs


How Specific Should User Stories Be? It Depends.

Moving Towards What You Want

Agile Manifesto Upgrade: Heart and Connection Over Processes and Tools

Emergent Shared Understanding

Help! Iā€™m Drowning Under Waterfall Agile Transformations

ITIL and Agile - In Perfect Harmony


A Culture of Safety and Feedback

Who Needs a Coach Anyway? 

Self Reliance and Victim Mindset

Agile Transformation Insights - Paper Constellations

Agile Transformation - Impediment Visualization